5 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Shop Act in 2024

Shop Act

You came here because you started a new business, right? Making the shop act licence in Pune is very easy process. And you dont need to go to registrar office to complete the Shop Act Application . You can do it by your own.[updated 2024].

If you are are new to shop act registration process , then there are high chances to make mistakes. In this article we will show you some common mistakes to avoid while registering for shop act.

1. Not Reading the Shop Act Declaration Form Carefully

Declaration form contains important rules and regulations for shop act. You should read the declaration form Carfully

2. Uploading incorrect or partial documents

Sometimes we upload incorrect documents or partial documents while filling the shop act form. Example Only front of the uploading only front side of the Aadhar or uploading Pan Card instead of Aadhar Card.

3. Not uploading documents of correct size

Documents size should be within the limit. For Shop Photo and Aadhar , the image size should be between 75KB to 100KB. And for Signature and Photo, the image size should be between 5KB to 20KB. To resize your documents you can check this tool 

4. Not Checking the business name in Marathi

Always check if you have correctly wrote your business name in Marathi. For writing in Marathi you can use Google Input Tool which will help you to write in Marathi. Check the tool here

5. Selecting wrong business category

Selecting the correct business category is very crucial part while filling the shop act form. Always choose correct category of business

We hope you like this article. If you want to apply for shop act you can