Shop Act Licence Process | Quick Shop Act

Are you confused for Shop Act Licence Process? We are here to help you get your shop act licence for your new or old business.

As we all know already that every business must have licence to carry on the business activities in India. To run the business in Maharashtra we must register our business under Shop And Establishment Act.

It is an act created by Government of Maharashtra for businesses in Maharashtra . This act helps to protect employees and employers rights .

Shop act generally created by Labour Department of Government of Maharashtra and Shop act can be applied through Labour Management System. In the next paragraph we will see the Shop Act Licence process

shop act licence
labour management system

Methods to Apply For Shop Act Licence

  1. Via Self Serve Portal ( This One )
  2. Via Labour Management System ( Complex and need Experience which is official site and doesnt cost you money)

Both the methods will help you to get your Shop Act Licence where you do not need to go to labour office for your Certificate. All the process is 100% online. if you want to get your shop act quickly and hassle free then we recommend you to apply through us that is Method One.

If you have knowledge of aaple sarkar portal and you made some documents earlier then you can choose to make your licence from official website

Self Serve portal

You can directly make Shop act through us using the easy self serve portal where only mandatory information is collected and processed. The self serve form look like this

shop act licence process
shop act licence process

It is a portal of our website which is very easy and only required information is asked so that you will not get confused.

Aaple Sarkar portal

To apply from Aaple Sarkar Portal we have made the complete step by step guide for your convenience. You can check it here

shop act

We hope now you know how to apply shop act. Make shop act and grow your business. All the best for your new business !