How to get the benefits of the Shop Act

Shop Act License is the backbone of any business. If you are a new startup and planning to start a business in near future then this is the article for you.

In this article we are particularly talking about Shop Act in Maharashtra. As different states have their own set of rules for registering a business.

As we already know that Shop Act is the main and very first legal permission required to start a business in Maharashtra and other states . It helps to protect the employees as well as employer rights and give benefits to both the parties.

Working capital is a must for any business and it requires the upfront amount to start the business. Taking a loan from banks required documentations like Shop Act, Income Tax returns and much more. It is one of the main document which helps you to get Business Loan at a reasonable rate of interests.

You can make the Shop Act Licence by directly visiting the labour office in your local area, or you can find a good consultant to complete the application on behalf of you.

shop act licence
Shop act consultants in Maharashtra

Making the shop act requires time and efforts where it is possible that even you can apply by yourself for the same but there are chances of making the mistakes as you are going to apply for the first time. The form is be to filled in both the languages i.e English and Marathi. Mostly there are chances of making mistake in Marathi. We recommend you to hire some professionals to get your work done.