Shop Act

Shop Act – Things to know

Shop Act is the act or rule created for businesses to secure the employer and employee rights.

This act gives the security to the businesses and avail various permissions and benefits.

Shop act also known as Gumasta in some parts on India ( Especially in Maharashtra Mumbai region)

If you want to start a business or planning to start a business in Maharashtra, then you must get registered under “Shop and Establishment Act”. It is illegal to do business without the Shop Act. There are two types of forms available to be filled to obtain the license. It is also get directly issued by the system where manual approval is not needed.

  1. Form “F” For Employees Under 10
  2. Form “A” For more than 10 Employees

Form F

Form “F” is the form which basically filled for less than 10 employees, and it doesn’t come with Digital Signature. It is also Called Shop Act Intimation Receipt. The validity is not applicable to this form. It doesn’t come with an expiry date.

Shop Act
Tip Written below shop act Form “F”
Shop Act
shop act form “F”

Form “A”

Form “A” is another type of form for shop act where it is filled if the business has an employee count of more than 10. Basically, it is needed for bigger businesses. It is the actual license that comes with Digital Signature. It has a validity of up to 10 Years. We will encourage you to obtain the Form A if you have more than 10 employees so that you can run your business smoothly.

shop act licence
shop act

If you want to apply for Shop Act CLICK HERE